How to Generate a Unique Name for Your Blog and Register It With a Domain Name Provider

So you’ve come up with a business idea, it’s unique, profitable and is something that you have a talent for.

You’ve researched how to start a blog, found a hosting a provider, and are ready to start earning some cash.

But there’s one thing you’re missing, that’s a great name for your blog.

With the internet being as densely populated as it is these days, it’s hard to come up with a unique name that hasn’t already been taken. But it’s not necessary to worry to much about coming up with a name, you can let a name generator to do it for you.

Use an Online Name Generator To Help You Name Your Blog

To help you come with a branded name for you blog you can head over to and let them help you get creative.

The namelix site will take keywords and spit out a variety of unique names based on what you give it. Let’s say your starting a Yoga blog. There’s probably millions of Yoga blogs on the internet. So what other unique keywords can you add to make yours stand out? Maybe you’re focused on using Yoga to help Jiu Jitsu athletes. Let’s use those as keywords.


On the next screen choose your name lengths. I choose short to medium name lengths as they’re easier to remember:


Next choose a name style. I recommend using “Brandable names”:


Finally, click “Generate” and voila! Blog name ideas!


If you see something you like, the next step would be to head over to a Domain Name Provider like IONOS and see if your name is available. If it is, you just need to register it and you can begin to set up your blog. If your name is taken, just start the process over until you find a cool name that you are able to secure.


Starting a blog has never been easier, and now it’s just as easy to come up with a cool name using namelix.

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