An Easy Way to Properly Capitalize Blog Titles

When you first start blogging there is a very good chance that you are doing all of the work yourself. You’ve set up your site, you’ve chosen a WordPress theme, you’ve installed all the necessary plugins. You are the writer, the editor, the technical staff, the whole operation.

You may have a burning desire to write and lots of great content ideas, but may not have much (if any) experience editing content. Magazines, newspapers and professional websites have editorial staff dedicated to making sure that all of your commas are in the right place, your spelling is correct, and your punctuation is tightened up.

Without an editorial staff it’s good to use online tools to help with editing as much as possible. Grammarly is a great tool to help with this of course, but what if you don’t want to download Grammarly, or can’t (for example if you’re using a public computer to do a quick blog update). There are other tools available to help.

One tool I use a lot to help properly capitalize blog titles is the “Title Capitalization Tool“. This is a simple online tool that allows you to type in your blog title and it properly formats it so that it’s capitalized in a blog title friendly manner. It takes the guess work out of blog title capitalization.

In the digital world we live there are tons of great resources online to help you grow your online content. The “Title Capitalization Tool” is a great tool that you should bookmark if you struggle with blog post capitalization.

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